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How to "certify" API plugin for existing custom proprietary inventory management system?

*[I've not found anywhere better to put this and our business does not have a support account as of yet. We need to have the below issue resolved before we make that investment]* I have a question regarding passing the compatible application certification in order to allow more daily API calls. I've read through all the terms and legal paperwork that are provided with the developer tools / eBay API, but there doesn't seem to be a clear-cut answer to this. I am on the development team for a company using an in-house-built custom proprietary software to manage their extensive inventory and corresponding orders. We are looking to automate our eBay selling process by adding a sub-section to our software that utilizes the eBay API to push our products (and any subsequent revisions to) to eBay and pull our orders back down for processing. Due to our large inventory and high number of orders, I do believe that we would quickly overrun the low limit of the number of API calls allowed for a non-certified application, especially given that the non-certified number of calls is described in the documentation as enough calls to "experiment with and explore the API." That having been said, there does not, from what I have read, seem to be a way to certify an "application" that is, in reality, not a full application but rather a small arm of a much larger body. For security and other reasons, we cannot allow parties outside of our company to have access to our systems, and the extension that uses the API would be completely inoperable without a direct connection to our system. Much of the documentation for the API mentions that one of the valid applications of the eBay API is for businesses to easily list their products to eBay by means of direct communication between the business's inventory management systems and the eBay listing system. So the question stands: how on earth do we go about raising the API call limitation to be able to successfully function when there's no details on how to get our system modification certified? An input on this matter is greatly appreciated.
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Hi, Even if your application is nothing but a small module and part of a larger application, you can still go ahead and open a Compatible Application Check request with us. Just make sure that you mention that it is used internally and fill in all the sections in the form that apply to your application. If there are additional questions, we will ask you. Hope this helps. Cheers!!!!
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