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GetOrders buggy?

Hey, I am having quite some problem with GetOrders call from trading API.


The first problem is that if SKU or shipping address gets updated, GetOrders still returns old data.


Second one is that I had a couple of days ago a weird problem when this call returned me three orders with one OrderID. Buyer had bought 2 separate items and call returned one combined order and two single-line orders.


And third problem (which seems to be common) is that no address gets returned when items are marked paid manually even if I use CompleteSale to change checkout.

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GetOrders returns "transactions".  So if the buyer purchases multiple items at the same time from the same seller, it will combine them.  It is called a multiple line item order.  The address will only be returned if you have a transactional relationship with the buyer, and it will typically only return shipping address.  I am not quite sure the SKU and shipping address issue.  You may need to open a support ticket so we can fully triage the issue,

Answer Title: Incomplete or missing ShippingAddress returned in GetItemTransactions and GetSellerTransactions
Answer Link:


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The problem with SKU (custom label) is that API does not output proper SKU for transaction. It returns listings SKU! But I need transactions SKU.

If I change transactions SKU to something else then I still get that old value, but if I update listings SKU, then it changes it for every transaction which has been made.


Ebay site show everything just fine.


$75 an hour is too much to contact support.

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I am not sure how you are "changing" SKU's of transactions.  Once an item has completed checkout, how do you change that SKU?  eBay preserves the SKU on the item, enabling you to obtain it before and after an order line item is created.  If you are seeing something that you are certain is a bug.  You can file a support ticket and will not be charged.

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If it is a bug or not, you have to tell me. Maybe it is supposed to be like this.

I made a picture to show you what is my problem.

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Again, without more information there is not much I can do from here.  I tried to look at the picture you put up, but had no luck retrieving it.  Sorry.

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