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Getting ebaytkn null

Hello All, I have downloaded "" SDK for .net. I have created one application at : I have created Key set in SandBox environment. I have got AppID, DevID,CertID. Then I created RuNames, In that I have provided my localhostURL as "AcceptURL". Now in my code I call One method to get ApiContext: private static ApiContext GetApiContext() { ApiContext apiContext = new ApiContext(); //set Api Server Url apiContext.SoapApiServerUrl = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Environment.ApiServerUrl"]; ApiCredential apiCredential = new ApiCredential(); apiCredential.ApiAccount.Application = "MyAppID"; apiCredential.ApiAccount.Developer = "MyDevID"; apiCredential.ApiAccount.Certificate = "MyCertID"; apiContext.ApiCredential = apiCredential; //set eBay Site target to US apiContext.Site = SiteCodeType.US; //set Api logging apiContext.ApiLogManager = new ApiLogManager(); apiContext.ApiLogManager.ApiLoggerList.Add( new FileLogger(" listing_log.txt", true, true, true) ); apiContext.ApiLogManager.EnableLogging = true; return apiContext; } Now, after this , I do call below function to get SessionID and Redirect User to LogIn Screen, public void GetSessionID() { ApiContext apiContext = GetApiContext(); GetSessionIDCall api = new GetSessionIDCall(apiContext); api.RuName = "myRuName"; String sessionId = ""; try { sessionId = api.GetSessionID(); if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(sessionId)) { Response.Redirect("" + Server.UrlEncode(sessionId)); } } catch (Exception e) { } } In return, it comes back to my application after authorization, but parameter in QueryString "ebaytkn" is always null. Basically I want to do is post to ebay with the help of SDK for which I will require ebaytkn for my user.
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