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Platform Notifications,Not receiving platform notifications at all

I offer a saas service to my clients, for which i need to get notified whenever any of these events happens on ebay respective to their accounts: MyMessagesM2MMessage, Feedback, AskSellerQuestion. Previously (a year or two ago) ebay wouldn't send all the notifications, but it would still send through some of the notifications for these events. Now, it seems like ebay is not sending any notifications at all. On the other end, it keeps spamming our service with "Account deletion" webhook callbacks, for users that have no relation whatsoever with our service.

Please keep in note that my app relies on eBay OAuth and is currently in production mode. I've verified multiple times that the respective user has subscribed to receive such notifications, and we don't have any issues regarding access tokens expiration, as we simply use the refresh token to generate another access token which works.

Is it just me or is anyone else facing these issues regarding platform notifications as well? If you do receive such notifications, can anyone here guide me as to what might be the cause? I don't wanna opt for paid support because it's expensive as hell and I'm not sure they'll be able to resolve the issue effectively in a timely manner either, so any help would be highly appreciated.

This makes it really difficult to provide services to eBay sellers when the platform itself is barely reliable for the developers to work with. Half of the stuff don't work in their sandbox environment.

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the good old platform notifications are part of the trading API, and to tell ebay from which seller you want notifications, you need to connect your developer account to the specific seller account via "auth'n'auth". simple as that. and as always: forget the sandbox. configure your notifications with this call.
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