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Finding API is returning less than 100 listings per page

I'm testing the finding API to search by keyword and it keeps returning less than 100 items per page even when there's over a million listings. What am I missing here?

Take this request for example:<APPNAME>&OPERATION-NAME=findItemsByKeywords&RESPONSE-DATAFORMAT=JSON&keywords=iphone&itemFilter(0).name=MinPrice&itemFilter(0).value=15&itemFilter(0).paramName=Currency&itemFilter(0).paramValue=USD

Its simply searching for any listing for for keyword iPhone that are priced over $15.

Its returning @count of 58 items on the first page, but the pagination output is following:

paginationOutput": [


"pageNumber": [



"entriesPerPage": [



"totalPages": [



"totalEntries": [


Why aren't I getting 100 items per page? Pease kindle advise. Thanks.

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besides the fact, that the finding API is deprecated (but still working and more stable than the browse API) - believe it or not, this might look like a bug but can be intended behavior.

the last thing on earth ebay wants is that any data gets extracted, so all APIs that export data are limited to the very minimum. you get enough data to create an app, but too fewer data to create a repricer, for example. so ebay thinks: if you provide a search, why the heck should a user (of your app) be able to see 4218904 items ;-)) ebay thinks: less than 100 are absolutely enough to make a choice ;)

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ebay doesn´t care how you want to use the data, they say: this API is for searching a product a customer wants to see in some app, and for this, a small result is enough, simple as that. and when "totalEntries" is too high, just adjust your search to get fewer results, simple as that.
and yes, ebay doesn´t document such "strange" behavior in the docs, they just add here and there some limitations (like this) because they believe, that this protects their data and prevents developers to extract too much data. sound strange, but that´s ebay ;(

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