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REST Call inventory API: Wrong behaviour withdrawOffer


After withdrawing a published offer (withdrawOffer) this offer is (as expected) no longer active on ebay Website. But via REST API call “getOffer” the offer is still in status PUBLISHED. Now it is impossible to publish the offer again. On REST API call ”publishOffer” there is an error:

{"listingId":"384817139086","warnings":[{"errorId":25402,"domain":"API_INVENTORY","subdomain":"Selling","category":"REQUEST","message":"Systemwarnung. Preisangebot(e) ist\/sind bereits veröffentlicht. Bitte geben Sie ein neues noch nicht veröffentlichtes Angebot ein.","parameters":[{"name":"offerId","value":"210757392016"}]}]}

(in English: system warning. Price offer(s) is/have already been published. Please enter a new unpublished offer.)

I need this kind of workflow to disable and enable an offer without losing the information of customer accesses. The offer should always have the same listing id.

Does somebody has any idea?

Thanks – Jan

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servus Jan, are you using the inventory api just to use rest or is there a "real" reason using this complicated construct ebay has created here?
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Hi, I'm using the RESTful APIs because of ebay recommendet it :)
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that's the problem :( tons of problems, much more complicated processes, you need 3 times more calls to create a listing and at the end you cannot change the item directly, because it's part of the inventory. and, the api is a lot of slower. if you don't really need the inventory, do yourself a favor and stay with the good old and very stable trading api. of course ebay want everybody to switch to new apis, but these users are alpha testers :(
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