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Can't get all Template data from Inventory via GetSellingManagerTemplates or GetSellingManagerInventory

Hello, I'm trying to get all Template data from Inventory into my application using GetSellingManagerTemplates Call, but unfortunately I can't get some necessary data or received data is not full or incorrect. In particular I don't receive International Shipping Service Options at all in SoapResponse and also ItemID is same as SaleTemplateID (API bug?). How to get this data via GetSellingManagerTemplates or GetSellingManagerInventory API Calls? Please, tell me what I'm doing wrong. Here is my code: Dim ApiCall As GetSellingManagerTemplatesCall = New GetSellingManagerTemplatesCall(Context) ApiCall.DetailLevelList.Add(DetailLevelCodeType.ReturnAll) Dim fetchedTemplate As New GetSellingManagerTemplatesResponseType ApiCall.SaleTemplateIDList = New Int64Collection ApiCall.SaleTemplateIDList.Add(TemplateID) ApiCall.DetailLevelList = New DetailLevelCodeTypeCollection ApiCall.DetailLevelList.Add(DetailLevelCodeType.ReturnAll) ApiCall.ApiRequest.DetailLevel = New DetailLevelCodeTypeCollection ApiCall.ApiRequest.DetailLevel.Add(DetailLevelCodeType.ReturnAll) ApiCall.Execute() fetchedTemplate = ApiCall.ApiResponse For Each smtDetails As SellingManagerTemplateDetailsType In fetchedTemplate.SellingManagerTemplateDetailsArray Dim ShippingService As String = "" For Each ShippingServiceOption As ShippingServiceOptionsType In smtDetails.Template.ShippingDetails.ShippingServiceOptions ShippingService = smtDetails.SaleTemplateID + " " + smtDetails.Template.ItemID + " " + ShippingServiceOption.ShippingService.ToString + " " + ShippingServiceOption.ShippingServiceCost.Value.ToString + vbCrLf Next Debug.Print(ShippingService) Next Thank You.
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