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Automate tyhe creation of oAuth tokens

I have been trying to automate the process of getting oAuth tokens so I can use a different account besides the main store account for the company. I have been using the python SDK to do this. It works when signing into the page automatically using the same account as the developer account. When I try and automatically log into the page using another account The page brings up a captcha page and/or sends a code to the person who owns the account. The python SDK actually opens up a browser and automates a login. This is the method that I've seen recommended in the forums here. How can I automate this without opening a browser? The main task I'm trying to automate is the use of the API's on behalf of the account that logs into the login page.

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not letting a user sign in and confirm the access is against all principles of OAuth ;) even it´s your companies own account. ebay regularly shows captchas, super annoying, indeed. but what's the problem creating "once" a token and using the refresh token for the next months?

if the refresh token is going to expire u can send a notification to somebody to create a new one and u you are good to go for the next months.

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I'm wanting to automate the process of sending an API call on the behalf of another account. The method I was using was the way it's suggested many times in these forums (using the python SDK). Since I can't use that way to automate it any more, I was asking if there is another way to automate sending API calls on behalf of another account since I can't set up a developer account for the main account. Using API's is relatively new to me. I've only used ones with a set API key that doesn't expire. I would be usingf Python to automate the process.

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