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update item inventory or offer inventory


we would like to know which api exactly is to update inventory?

We use the createOrReplaceInventoryItem api to upload products, and we need to pass an inventory field, item.availability.shipToLocationAvailability.quantity.

When creating an offer, we also need to pass an inventory field, offer.availableQuantity.

Then last time I posted a question asking how to bulk update inventory and the answer I got was the bulkUpdatePriceQuantity interface. And this interface updates the availableQuantity of the offer.

Because we do not need to update items frequently, there will be a problem, item.availability.shipToLocationAvailability.quantity and offer.availableQuantity are not the same, but the inventory displayed on the product page does not know which one it is? Sometimes item.availability.shipToLocationAvailability.quantity, sometimes offer.availableQuantity.

If item.availability.shipToLocationAvailability.quantity is 0, no matter how much offer.availableQuantity is updated, the page will always display OUT_OF_STOCK.

How should we update inventory in batches? We also don't want to frequently request the createOrReplaceInventoryItem api because there is a limit of 250 items per day.

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if u are working with the inventory (and some other mandatory things are set up in your account) you can use MIP - the good thing here, updates here don´t get counted on your API call limit:

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It's not a problem with the request limit. Now I don't know which inventory to update. If the two inventories are different, there will be a problem. Can't let us update two inventories every time. Is it really necessary to update both inventories every time?

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Why set up two inventory fields? Now I try to delete offer.availableQuantity to no avail. When our product is added to EF, offer.availableQuantity will still be added.

In addition, there is also a problem with only keeping item.availability.shipToLocationAvailability.quantity, which is equivalent to uploading the variant name and image every time the inventory is updated. Is this reasonable?

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Does anyone know about this issue?

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