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StoreCategoryID issue with GetItem Request

I am trying to get details of an item, in fact many different items. All of them have a Store Category set. However, when I send the GetItem request it always returns a <StorecategoryID> of 1.

I've check the items and they look right and I have the following in the GetItemRequest:<DetailLevel> ReturnAll </DetailLevel> <Version> 1045 </Version> <ItemID> 265429725961 </ItemID> <IncludeItemSpecifics> 1 </IncludeItemSpecifics> <IncludeItemCompatibilityList> 1 </IncludeItemCompatibilityList>

Why would the Category always be defaulting to 1 and not sending the store category as it should?


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I am very sure it's because of "privacy", even it makes no sense here. besides that, the shop-category id is nothing public, it only exists inside the sellers shop and gives you no real benefit. the shop-category is optional, the platform-category is mandatory, so i would focus on something that is always there: the platform-category.

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That's a great suggestion, although privacy shouldn't be an issue it is from the seller and for the seller. However, it is not possible not to use the Store ID in this particular case. Also I have another site that the Categories come through on, so there is something weird going on.
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if your dev account is connected with the sellers account, you will see a real shop-category-id, that´s for sure. so it might we "wanted" that for other items (where your dev account is not connected to the seller) you always see 1. but again, the shop-category is very very uninteresting ;)
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