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New resource for everyone.

Hello all, I'm pleased to announce the launch of my personal project []( This is a new resource for my fellow eBay API developers that I hope you will find useful. It's basically a mobile friendly version of the eBay API documentation and in case you were wondering, Seapig is an acronym for **S**partan **E**Bay **A**pplication **P**rogramming **I**nterface **G**uide. Feedback about the site is more than welcome and issues with it can be raised on the GitHub [repository]( *Please note that I have taken the following from the About page of the site.* I've always found the official [documentation]( a great resource for developers wishing to make use of the eBay API. For an API that is as complex as eBay's, this is an important tool that you should familiarize yourself with. As helpful as I find the official eBay API documentation, there are times when I just want something that is not quite as detailed so that I can quickly lookup the information that I need. Ideally something that is easy to navigate and that presents the vast amount of information in a consistent way. This is why I've created Seapig. It aims to be a site that is a simplified, or *spartan*, version of the eBay API documentation. A site that I can use as a quick reference guide. **What the site is** - **Open to everyone** - Feel free to browse the site and use it as much as you want. Hosting costs permitting, I aim to keep the site running indefinitely. - **Updated regularly** - The site will be kept up to date with the official documents by regularly parsing the WSDLs that eBay provide. - **A work in progress** - The site will be improved by fixing issues and adding new features. - **Mobile friendly** - I wanted this site to be usable on a mobile device. - **Available on GitHub** - You can get the code from the GitHub [repository]( if you wish to generate a local copy of this site. **What the site isn't** - **Endorsed by eBay** - This is my personal project. eBay in no way own or operate this site. - **Comprehensive** - By its very nature as being a quick reference it will never be as comprehensive as the official documentation. This is why you won't find things such as example code and detailed explanations. - **A replacement** - A huge amount of time and effort would have gone into creating the official documentation and there is no way that this site can ever be considered a replacement. Think of this site as an additional tool that I hope you find useful. Kind Regards, David
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I just came across this. Wow, beautiful layout and functionality / design. Thanks!
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