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Exempted from Marketplace Account Deletion - No Confirmation


We received this email from eBay, then opted out by going to:

Application access keys > Production > App Client ID > Notifications > Exempted from marketplace account deletion

Checked the radio button: I do not persist eBay data (see attached image)


How do we now that we successfully opted out and that our account is not at risk of being deactivated?

By the way, this is how the email we received looked like, without a subject line, line break, etc'... (see screenshot):

Dear Developer, <br> <br> It has been 24 hours since the ebay marketplace ac=
count deletion/closure notification endpoint https://dev-lister-api.droidox.=
com/api/v1/companies/delete_ebay that your application registered for receiv=
ing marketplace account deletion/closure notifications stopped acknowledging=
with a HTTP status code indicating a success. As a result, we are marking y=
our application as down and non-responsive. <br> <br> You have 30 days to co=
rrect the marketplace account deletion/closure notification endpoint or repl=
ace it with a functional one. Failure to fix the account deletion/closure no=
tification endpoint Notification URL will result in non-compliance and event=
ual deactivation of your application keys. <br> <br> Please take immediate a=
ction to avoid any disruption to your integration with eBay. <br> <br> Best =
Regards, <br> eBay Developers Program <br> <div style=3D"padding-left:1em;co=
lor:gray"><p style=3D"padding-top:1em">Safety Tip: Keep your eBay Developers=
Program account secure. Don&#39;t reply to any unsolicited email that asks =
for your personal information. Find out more about <a href=3D"http://pages.e=">protecting your account</a>. <=
br> <br> This is a system-generated message. Replies to this email are not m=
onitored or answered. <br></p> <p style=3D"font-size:smaller;padding-top:4em=
">The eBay Developers Program sent this email to you at about your account r=
egistered on <a href=3D""></a>.=
<br> <br> We will periodically send you required emails about the developer=
site and your account. Visit eBays Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you=
have any questions. <br> <br> Copyright &#169; eBay Inc. All Rights Reserve=
d. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective own=
ers. eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc. eBay Inc. is located=
at 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125.</p></div> <br>

Thank you!

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