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Ability to edit items submitted via API

I'm in the middle of developing a listing app and am having trouble editing the images once it's been submitted to ebay. The error is below.

Only 1 photo allowed with Self Hosting option. For more photos use other import options

Even though it says only 1 photo, all the photos are shown, however, you cannot edit them.

The app was originally built on the trading API and we were able to edit the pictures. Then we updated to the new retail API's and encountered this error. I saw on these forums that the new retail
API structure was different so it required it left the mast data with the third party. So, we reverted back to the trading API thinking to avoid the data structure issue, but came away with the same error.

This is beyond frustrating. The whole premise of our app is to use ebay as the master data source and just feed data into it more quickly and easily than their interfaces allow. However, they seem to no longer allow this.

Please give me some guidance about how to upload a listing so that it can be edited / managed etc on ebay. We've already burned a ton of money and and time on this. There is nothing in the documentation that says this should be happening.

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hi, which api and which call exactly are u using to update the images? do you have a request and response ? it´s very hard to help without knowing what u are doing.

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