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Reminder: Required Privacy and Data Compliance


In order to ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations, this email is being sent to you as a reminder because our records indicate that you have an application that does not have a subscription to marketplace account deletion/closure notifications. We sent you an email about this platform on March 23rd with the timelines of August 31st as the deadline for compliance. Please make sure to take the actions outlined below. Failure to do so, might result in termination of your access to the Developer Tools, and/or reduced access to all or some APIs.
Actions to be taken:
•Implement your marketplace deletion/closure notification webhook to receive deletion/account closure notifications.
•Subscribe to marketplace account deletion/closure notifications and test your notification endpoint via the Developer Portal
•Process the marketplace account deletion/closure requests and take necessary action
•Respond to eBay HTTP status OK acknowledgement 
eBay will record your acknowledgement as a receipt of compliance. More details about the platform and integration can be found here.

I have received the following email to remind about updating the privacy and data compliance.

We currently do not have any active API applications. We have tokens that we setup for testing our account for a custom software integration but we did not build out on this project.

Can any one please confirm if we need to do anything? I have checked our account there is no compliance check box etc.

more importantly we want to ensure our ebay account does not get deleted because we have failed to do the correct thing.

privacy compliance
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