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EU VAT IOSS under 150 Euro, how will orders be presented, will payments include Tax, will prices include tax


When the EU VAT changes come into effect on 1st July and orders for the UK marketplace, which have a final destination of an EU County and are valued less than 150 Euro, Ebay will be required to calculated the VAT - what will happen to the order totals as received by the API and what will happen to the Payment totals? will these both continue to include VAT and reflect the price the end consumer paid?

When we bring this information into our accounting system using our existing integration we need to understand this so we can handle the vat appropriately that ebay has already paid.

Will this be consistent for orders over 150 Euro where ebay will NOT have taken / paid the VAT up front? Any information which can be provided to help would be gratefully received as we need to update our order processing and accounting integration in these situations.

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We currently make use of Payment: MonetaryDetails.Payments[].PaymentAmount OrderTotal: OrderArray[].Total,

and want to know how these will be affected by the changes.

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Hi @khaosc-39,

When VAT is applicable to an order, a buyer's VAT Identifier Number (VATIN) will be returned at the order level, and eBay's VAT tax ID will be returned at the line item level for order management calls.

This VAT information will be returned in the following locations:

- Transaction.eBayCollectAndRemitTaxes.eBayReference : this field will show the VAT ID for eBay, and this value may vary based on the region or country. The eBayReference field's name attribute will show the type of VAT ID, such as IOSS, OSS, or ABN.

- Order.BuyerTaxIdentifier.ID : this field will show the VATIN for the buyer, and the corresponding Order.BuyerTaxIdentifier.Type field should return the new VATIN value, which was added to the existing ValueTypeCodeType.

Best regards ,
eBay Developer Support

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Thanks for this information -

but will this change the totals received, ie will they reflect the net total (which is still applicable to the seller?) ?

Also in the development announcement it mentions that the Address2 field will be decorated with the IOSS number for applicable orders (if using the older API).

Are there any examples of how this will present available as the guidance recommends removing this information from the data, however without an example its almost impossible to proactively program the necessary changes to achieve this?

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