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GetOrders order is cancelled or paid - same request

Hi eBay,

i work more than 2 years now with the Trading API and this never happened. Same GetOrder request, different result for the same order, either paid or cancelled. (Most of the time cancelled if you try it several times, in eBay the order is set on Paid)

I have a Screenshot prove of this, i just dont want to post it in the forum because it contains privacy data.

Trading API Version : "1201"
I only use standard Pagination, ModTimeFrom/ModTimeTo.
For sorting i use allways: SortOrderCodeType.Descending;
OrderRole: TradingRoleCodeType.Seller;
DetailLevel: DetailLevelCodeType.ReturnAll

Service: "GetOrders"

Nothing special about it. Still that happens.

It happens not often, but for one of our clients it happened several Times and because its more often Cancelled than Paid, this is a really bad experience for the Buyer and Seller aswell!
I think we could bring more of our 2000+ merchants to use eBay if we can solve such problems - then i would like to integrate more eBay Features in this module aswell. Right now we can only tell them to annoy/tell your Seller Support because we cant do anything about it. That is no real solution right?

I personally like developing for eBay API more than Amazon SP-API / MWS . So it would be nice if you upgrade your help system to offer basic free developer support. I also dont want to pay 75$ on my own eBay dev account for such questions - our company developer account was frequently used more than 10 years ago and i cant reopen it. "Suspended". Come on, your Documentation is really good, you can do this also better!

getorders-ebay-apitradingapi#tradingapineed help
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