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Need working URL for Business Policies API



I'm writing an app to create auctions from our product database.  I've managed to get a proof-of-concept app working, but have fallen over with the first hurdle when converting it to a real world app.


I need to create a seller profile and am having problems with it.  I've added a web reference using the following URL...


That allows me to create the code I need to create the profiles, and successfully exposes the required methods and classes.  The problem I have is when I try to make a call to the web service and get the following error...



An unhandled exception of type 'System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException' occurred in System.Web.Services.dll

Additional information: Missing SOA operation name header


​I've tried with a basic call to getSellerProfiles, just to try and get any call to this web service working, but have had no luck.  Here's some sample code to get the above error...


BusinessPoliciesAPI.GetSellerProfilesRequest request =

new BusinessPoliciesAPI.GetSellerProfilesRequest();


BusinessPoliciesAPI.SellerProfilesManagementService spm =

new BusinessPoliciesAPI.SellerProfilesManagementService();


BusinessPoliciesAPI.GetSellerProfilesResponse response =



I also don't understand how I'm supposed to link this to an api context, and therefore use my login details.  The lack of documentation, or difficulty find it, makes this very difficult indeed.  I'd really appreciate some help.


Thanks in advance.



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