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What is required for Offer API registration?

Hello, I have a few questions about the Offer API. I realise that to use this in production you need to apply, however my questions are about that application.

Referring to the bottom of this page:

- It says to get access to the Buy API you need to be in the EPN, is this true if you only want Offer API access, and your application has no checkout / payment involved?

- It says you need a PCI compliance certificate, is this still true if you don't take payment?

- Is scheduled bidding, such as bid sniping an allowable business model for Buy API access.

- If yes, then how is this possible since the EPN agreement says no sniping functionality, is this only for affiliate links? There seems to be no mention of sniping functionality in the current API rules. There are existing sniping websites that definitely have been granted Buy API access.

- Is it possible to pre-apply for production access to the offer API? It's a big ask from eBay to have people spend months of developer time building out an application just to apply, and possibly be rejected, when their business model was never allowable in the first place. One part of the documentation says "We advise you to complete the production application process and get approval before you invest significantly in application development and testing." Another seems to want a working version in the sandbox ready for eBay staff to test.

I hope one of the eBay developer support people can answer this, since it's really not clear what is expected in the current documentation.

Thank you for your time.

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