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Which API to create items in an eBay store? Inventory, Listing or Trading?

I have a friend who is an eBay seller and has an eBay "store" with a URL like:

I am trying to develop a little app that will run locally to help him automate the creation of new listings for a little over 10k items.

Which API should I use for that? There seem to be three good candidates, Inventory, Listing or Trading.

The Inventory API seems like a good choice, but the documentation for "createOrReplaceInventoryItem" says:

"Note: Please note that any eBay listing created using the Inventory API cannot be revised or relisted using the Trading API calls."

Is that a limitation I should be concerned about? Should I use the Trading API instead?

The Listing API is described as "lets Partners create draft listings on eBay for their seller" which is exactly what I want to do - just create the drafts and let my friend decide when he wants to actually make the items available for sale (is that "publishing?). However, it also says that

"This API is available only to select Partners."

How do I become a "select partner" so I can use that API? It also says "URLs to image files must be https", which kind of implies to me that the images are not hosted on the eBay site but some other site. Well, what if I want to upload the images to eBay? Can you use the Listing API to do that?

Can anyone provide any insight as to which API I should be focusing on / using in order to create draft listings in my friend's eBay store?

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