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Still struggling about replace findingItems with Browse API and all the international searches problems..

Summarizing where i am..

Approach 1, I accepted i have to make now 10 calls to Browse API for what i used to do with 1 single call to findingAPI. One call per each marketplace supporting Browse API. And later you have to loop all the results to don't produce duplicate outputs, since same product can be available in several marketplaces. The amount of process required to get same (~) results than before, is in a * 11 range.

In addition, client Auth flow, forces a new token every 2700 seconds, so even if you are just going to use summary_items search, may want to use the User Auth flow in order to get an interesting expiry date for your token.

New problems i found since then.
- The affiliate links are returned for the marketplace you are searching, so i need to replace ebay domain in the link, as well as rotation id.
There is no way to get this links converted to the country you are using at deliveryCountry filter.
- And the same happens with prices and shipping costs, no way to get currencies converted to a delivery destination, because they are provided in base to the marketplace you search, X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID header. contextualLocation doesn't change anything of this.

Approach 2, Instead of query all marketplaces with a fixed deliveryCountry filter, you can query in the marketplace you want the links and prices for, changing the itemLocationCountry filter.. but.. how many queries can become this ?? It will give you correct affiliate links and prices in the right currency.. but.. maybe to get an approach to current global worldwide search in Finding API, we are speaking about run 20-50 API queries changing itemLocationCountry to major countries selling in Ebay ? and most of the times to get nothing.. just to be sure you are not missing anything.

So what to do.. approach 2 looks like the correct one.. so trying to figure out which list of countries use for the query.. for sure all of those with a marketplace associated, plus China and Japan.. Ukraine and Russia.. and some more European countries.. so maybe around 20 API calls for what used to be 1 single call to finding API.
the interesting, as per experiments using itemLocationCountry is that data is available on the X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-IDs , just any filter in the API make it available in a single query.

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So for today, i'm testing everything live.. i choose model two, querying default marketplace results and then some extra calls forcing itemLocationCountry filter.

In terms of number of results, it's well paired with previous findingItems API results, all together i don't query every single country in the world as itemLocationCountry , just those more interesting to my niche products site, so i know i'm missing some specific results for some products, but it's quite ok.

The odds, it performs now 18 API calls per product/marketplace, where it used to be 1 per product/marketplace.

My wishlist for item_summary :

- Default worldwide search, or some filter allowing it (They could be grouped in a different itemSummaries, something like itemSummariesInternationalSellers) as manual searches on Ebay sites do, so developer can give priority to "local" items without remove this international options for the buyer, exactly as Ebay sites does, but without need 18 extra calls to API.
- Expose Store name and Store link (affiliated as preferible) for items coming from stores.
- Expose search links to see more results directly in Ebay when not all the items have been get because limit parameter (own decision by developer).

- Expose width / height for images or aspect ratio.

- Extend life time for Client Flow token auth. Since that kind of tokens can't perform sensitive operations, i don't see a reason to keep them so low time as 2700 seconds. While the token that potentially can cause problems if wrongly exposed and in wrong hands, has a long life of months. I don't see the point about this.

And that's all by now..

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Why isn't there an AvailableTo: country function implemented yet within the Browse API? I have a couple of niche sites, and that means that there are often only 6 or less specific items available, spread over multiple international eBay programs. So for example set to US, I won't see the items in France, even if the listing is set to WorldWide shipping. How difficult is this to implement? I don't want to use translations to fix this (eg. 'DVD player' +'DVD spieler', +'DVD lecteur'), because some sellers only use model numbers in their titles, plus this will take a lot of time.

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