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How to get usage on API keys?

Back in my youth around 2007 - 2008 I had created a couple of different developer accounts because I kept running into random problems with the Sandbox APIs and auth & auth flow and weirdly some features would work for some accounts and others wouldn't for other accounts. I've been using one account and app keyset exclusively once I launched my first product and passed app check.

The problem is I just got an email to my personal email address saying I'm using the Shopping API without OAUTH tokens. I got this on my business email address too but the reason for that is obvious. It seems I must have something out there that is using the Shopping API with my old app id but I don't have a clue what that would be as I don't recall developing anything back then that would still be live. And I never passed app check on anything but my business account.

When I try to log into my account associated with that email address it says I'm suspended. I never got an email saying I'm suspended but I remember reading somewhere if you don't log in for 6 months they suspend you. I haven't logged into that account in probably 10+ years so I'm sure that's why. Since I'm suspended I can't access the account in any way. So how do I find my app id so I can track down these calls? Or is it possible to have my app id audited for its activity to know what is going on?

Or did eBay just send out an email to every developer with a production keyset?

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