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How to start / best API for me?

My goal is to create a basic ebay application geared toward researching for my own personal interest.  I'm a first year computer science student, and I have about 2 years of C# experience under my belt.  I'd like to be able to integrate the ebay API into my environment to take advantage of the functionality and convenience.  I first thought about doing this without the API--just using a WebClient object to pull html from the site and delimit it as I saw fit--but I was advised to look into the eBay API to avoid hammering the site with requests.


I would like to be able to obtain the following:


-Get listings from a search.  Given input text as the search value, return, say, an array of some data corresponding to the results of that search (strings as listing titles, strings as listing ID, the URL, etc)


-Get search results values.  Given input text as the search value, return the number of results found ("####" results found for "_____")


-Get information about an item (Listing title, price, listing text body/description, item condition, date posted, seller's username/feedback, current price, BIN or auction, etc) given the url or item ID.


-Get information on Completed Listings (both individual items and overall search values)


I'm not sure which API to use for these things.  The Research API seems most logical, but I wasn't sure how limited it was (does it only provide historical data on prices?)..  The Selling API seems to have some functionality I'm interested in also.  In both cases though, I'm not quite sure how to get started using them with C#. 


And, moreover, are all of these functions even given with the API?  Will I be able to get all that data using the APIs that eBay provides?  Any help is appreciated.

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It seems I ventured off into the Paypal section of the site?  I meant to post this under eBay, sorry.

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