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Not enough information regarding UK VAT calculation

The Finding API hasn't been updated in nearly a decade now but eBay has undergone major changes. One of those changes is IST and other tax collection. Last year we noticed that the eBay AU site had begun automatically adding low value goods import tax when viewing listings or performing searches on the site. However this is not included in the Finding API in any way. That was trivial to handle though on our end. However I have recently learned that eBay is doing the same for UK and will do the same for the entire EU later this year. The problem is this time it isn't trivial to calculate since in the UK (and presumably the EU) both the location of the item and the registration of the seller matters.

Case in point:

164398467616 -> UK seller, DE location, VAT registered, no tax

402617328632 -> US seller, US location, not VAT registered, taxed

324490094802 -> DE seller, DE location, not VAT registered, taxed

174362831954 -> UK seller, UK location, not VAT registered, no tax

There is not any information returned from the Finding API that will tell us whether any of these three listings are taxed 20%. We rely on accurate pricing information to serve our customers. But I think the only way to get the correct information would be to perform a Trading API on every single result returned by the Finding API. As we regularly return 100s of millions of results per day this is simply not possible.

Considering the site is able to do this the necessary information must be present when searching. Can we get some indicator to tell us whether tax should be added or even better the amount of the tax eBay will be collecting so we can do this calculation properly? If not is there a cheaper way to handle this that doesn't involve 1 or extra API calls per search result?

Edit: It looks like using the Trading API to determine tax eligibility is not possible anyway. None of the calls indicate anything regarding whether VAT should be collected as 164398467616 and 324490094802 are completely indistinguishable from each other.

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