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Questions about Browse API / item_summary / search

I've been told to replace my old findItemsByKeywords web app by a Browse API app, but i'm finding several problems to emulate past performance.
I'm combining filter=deliveryCountry parameter with X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID header, as i want to point the user to the right ebay checkout site.
But i'm getting very limited results compared to findItemsByKeywords. For example for a given key, that returns 12 results in findItemsByKeywords or ebay.XX site, i only get 8 using item_summary/search.

- is there no other way than X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID to generate weblinks to a given Ebay ? without this header all the products links are generated to , but i want them to be to the closest Ebay to the user.
- how i can tell API to perform a Worldwide search, with the only condition that items can be delivered to a given country ?

The old itemFilter(0).name=AvailableTo and GLOBAL-ID from Finding API searches worldwide, but the new Browse API always use the "predefined" Location for the items, limiting the number of results.
As example this is Browse API gives you the default results from a marketplace (8 Results), like here:
But i want to get also the additional results under "eBay international sellers" , 4 more results.

Those from international sellers are missed in the API :(.

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Maybe that query is not the best sample, as still you have 8 results, but other keywords only International sellers have the products, so Browse API just tell you there are 0 products.. while there many products available from International sellers, and that is a real problem.

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So this is all, no answer ? We have to put with less powerful options as Future and there is no option ?

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Any update/insight about this question ?

With the coming deprecation of old rover links, i took a look again to Browse API / item_summary / search and it keeps exactly the same, no international sellers results are provided. Still less capable than the old FindingItems API.

What's supposed we have to do ? what are the alternatives ?

I see myself programmatically updating links from FindingAPI to fit the new standard. But soon or later Finding API will be deprecated, and then i mostly will stop being affiliate with current Browse API limitations.

Scaring also that any Ebay staff replied to this in 4 months.

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it´s very simple: don´t use these new apis that are still in "alpha" status (not even beta) and only support a fraction of functionality of the old APIs. the old APIs are robust and working for many many years. i don´t really understand why so many people are so focused to switch now. as long as the new apis don´t offer the same stability and features, it´s just stupid to switch now and start complaining all the time.

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i see so many complaints here in the forum about these new rest apis, and most people created their own miserable journey cause they believe they have to switch just right now

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But legacy APIs like FINDING API will be finally deprecated in 31/12/2021 as Ebay emails saying or not?
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"who can read I clearly at an advantage" - the fact that so many people are unable to understand this email (you are referring to) is crazy. the email said: "The eBay Partner Network will no longer support the Finding API, Shopping API and Trading API in the new year." - and now I am asking you: has your app anything to do with the "ebay partner network" ????

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@sagar_developersupport Same problem here!

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