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Can you help me get the sandbox working?

Dear support team, i am trying to understand how the test environment ("sandbox") is supposed to work and hope that you can help me out with the following issues: 1. How is it possible to test buying a listed item, when there is no possibility to create a listing beforehand in the GUI of the sandbox? When accessing the form to actually sell an item via the sandbox GUI, i can adjust all fields (with multiple waiting times because of loading indicators and as it seems background save operations for drafts) to prepare a listing, but when actually trying to publish/save it, its ending in an infinite loading indicator or random errors. 2. Now i tried to create a listing via the Inventory API. But how can i test it, when the API itself is throwing some internal server errors? (even when trying the default examples from the API Explorer). When trying to "PUT" an "Inventory Item" i get the following error: ` { "errors": [ { "errorId": 25001, "domain": "API_INVENTORY", "subdomain": "Selling", "category": "REQUEST", "message": "A system error has occurred. Oops, something went wrong. Wait a moment and try again." } ] } ` And this is basically using the request configuration from the API Explorer itself (which should have correct defaults). This error seems to be well known by other users (as i saw from multiple reports from multiple years ago). 3. During research for the mentioned Inventory API issue, i discovered multiple posts saying that its not possible to manage listings created by the user on the standard webpage, because the Inventory API is only able to handle items that the API created itself. Is this true? Would that mean we are forced to use the older Trading API? 4. Since the Inventory API was not able to create test listings for sale, i tried to use the old Trading API. I slightly adjusted the example given by the documentation to get it nearly working and send an AddItemRequest. But now i am faced with a different problem: ` You have not specified in my eBay whether you are a private or business seller. ` Thats sounding like a configuration problem that i could theoretically adjust with the sandbox GUI (as suggested in similar forum posts). But here the broken sandbox is throwing stones into the way again: When trying to open the corresponding "Account" page, to set the seller type, i will be redirected immediately back to the home page of the sandbox. To summerize it: Its not possible to test any relevant API endpoints and the developed application itself, because it's not possible to create test listings in any theoretically possible way. 5. During additional researches i came across some notes that its necessary to have a test account on PayPal to be able to buy listings with a second test user. Is this still true? I would be really thankful for answers regarding the five issues above.
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