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API endpoint errors and no way to report it is not responding correctly, and hasn't been for days. (Years if you count the disparity between it's level of service and the public-facing website upload facility of File Exchange). How do we report critical aspects of eBay's service encountering issues? Doing it via the dev forum is like a customer feedback to say they have an item delivery issue - it is a totally inappropriate medium, but due to the nature and layout of the dev support, there seems to be nothing better. Why not just put a 'report critical issue' link somewhere on the developers area? Currently is allowing no more than 2-5kb files before connections get reset, and no more than about 1500 rows to be processed. Normally allows (from 15 years experience) uploads of upto 3-5Mb and upto 20000 rows. This is variable depending on demand. File Exchange allows direct upload from eBay's website of upto 14.9Mb and 250000 rows. Please: (a) fix the endpoint (b) tell us how to report critical infrastucture issues better Note: I have tried to contact both Concierge and the FileExchange department directly, who point us here. This seems very much like a 'not our problem' solution, but major issues like automated bulk listing endpoints failing will have immediate, catastrauphic and far-reaching implications. Is it really something you want a dev support agent to find out about during a quiet moment, after they have finished up other work?
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