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Sandbox and Production APIs are broken - Really disappointed

Hi, I'm working on medium-scale inventory management system that needs ebay integration and so far my experience with your APIs have been horrible. After the first approval, I went ahead and started working on implementing basic authentication. The first problem was that there was no official ebay JS client, but eventually, I found a working one... That worked half of the time, I spent 2 days solving issues because the library's documentation was very unintuitive and convoluted to follow (Sandbox flag should be enabled from an environment variable... Oh but some functions still take the variable as a function argument...... You know what, sorry, the library constructor ALSO takes a sandbox flag). I still ended up solving most of the issues (Error 401 will forever be imprinted in my mind) after hours of working on it and the authentication issue was solved. Now came the process of actually creating a listing for the test user. I thought the sandbox website would have a simple form to add, you know, one of the core parts of ebay, an inventory item to sell. Little did I know that the sandbox website was filled with random logouts, errors and bugs that make me question whether the codebase has ANY sort of unit tests or even if the devs check whether their code works or not. But I persevered through the constant password requests, and after navigating my way through the website and cleaning everything from cookies to local storage to cache to the century-old closet at my grandparent's house attic, I was finally able to get a working Sell Listing form that I could actually use to do something useful. Powered with the sudden adrenaline rush, I filled the data as quickly as possible before the sandbox came down to a halt, and clicked the revered "List item" button... Spinner spins... and spins and spins... Then it disappears and no message shows up. I was genuinely worried, was the item listed? was it not? Maybe it was Schrodinger's listing. I quickly went ahead and tried to look up whether the item was listed.or not through the broken frontend's menu. I clicked "My Ebay>Selling", and I was met with no listings whatsoever. I then quickly developed a phobia towards any sort of sandboxes, and I will make sure my child never gets near one as I'd seen enough of them. Production was the only option left, the saviour that was supposed to forgive the Sandbox's sins and let me avoid getting PTSD from this experience. I go to my dashboard, I generate the client ID/secret. All good, I go back to my codebase, replace the credentials, try to switch off all possible sandbox flags (By now they were everywhere thanks to the buggy ebay nodejs library), and after ensuring all is good, I rebuilt my codebase, ran the app, and I was prompted with a working sign in page then got to the Consent page.... Well, that's what happened a couple of hours later when I was met with the elusive Error 500, that not only broke that API call, but it also broke all subsequent API calls, not even the Generate OAuth token from THE EBAY DEV PAGE could be saved! The solution was to reset the CertID... Every time error 500 happened. Which proved to be too many times. Despite all of this, I managed to it to show me the Consent page... But then after getting the callback with the consent code, the API died on me again with the very vague Error 500 that had me reset the CertID... And no matter what I tried, no matter how I interpreted the specification and the library, along with inspecting every individual HTTP request known to man, I concluded that the ebay API is only there to turn devs into depressed zombies and make me give up my Software Engineering career for a job at the local deli market. I'm not making this post to mock ebay or to add insult to injury. Dozens if not hundreds of devs have complained about the sad state of affairs that is going on the developer's program. The sandbox is basically dead, the APIs are broken and everything just doesn't work right. It's also sad that we have to pay a premium to get access to personalized support when the devs would probably bring in more than enough money in fees by the added integration of your service in other platforms. Please at least invest in a proper working API and sandbox platform (which is so far behind the modern production ebay), along with better error messages that would help me figure out the issue. I am still trying to solve the Error 500 issue that occurs every time I try to get an authentication token (breaking the whole API/keyset) and I have a deadline to meet very soon. I am really disappointed that this is even a thing considering your $30B market cap. Regards, Walid
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