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Looking for a developer who knows API

Hello all-


I am looking for a developer.  I don't have a lot of money and can pay paypal, but I need a few systems bult and integrated.  If someone can email me at with a price and timeline that'd be great.  Maybe what I'm asking isn't too terribly difficult.  The part that may be is the store I have at shopify uses liquid and maybe that will be an issue.  let me know.


I have a shopify site, at and the pages themselves are 615 in width.  If you go to the site, on the top menu bar, select auctions and you can pick an ebay page.  I think these pages are ugly as sin.  Ideally, for each of those categories, I would want a page, 615 by say 4000+ with those category items ending soonest. 


The two pages unbelievablebooksandmore and speshals are my wife's and my ebay so each of those would only feature our items.  Perhaps since we each usually have approx 75 items up, those pages could feature larger pics . 


I also need a page using API for our tumblr, it can be simple, like listing only antiques and rare or old books.  1200 x ?    And it just needs to have the items ending soonest.  I really like the site would this be possible to build?


Lastly, I want a page at my site, again 615 by however long for  With a search at the top, and then it lists the multiple items that match that search.


I like black background.  Incorporating my logo, and yellow and blue and white font combo, red or green prices if need be.


I'm an ebay affiliate. 


Please contact me ASAP


I appreciate your time.....



Jeran C

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