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Why am I receiving a message to Update my API and I am not a developer?

I have had horrendous issues with my seller account since June 2018. We used 3rd party prior to June when we switched everything over via file exchange with the help of Ebay specialist. There were multiple errors continuing from the 3rd party. We eventually fixed everything. However, there have been so many updates for the new platform that only half of our account is communicating correctly. Even have had over 40 SR tickets and over 50 calls to Ebay. I keep telling them it is their server NOT jiving with our account. I have DONE everything that Ebay has suggested and updated all policies. However, nothing is jiving correctly. Our sales have diminished to the point of about to shut down store that we have had since 2001. NO matter what Ebay does on their back-end or what I do seems to stick and stay. When I do a "inspect element" on any page within ebay- errors codes read- 404, 11, 24, 500,872,438, 2058, 126,163, 146, 230, 13, 872, 21920206, 21926, 21920214, 248, Just to name a few. Again, we DO NOT have any 3rd party developers, no 3rd party services at all!! WHAT DO I DO??? HOW DO I GET EBAY TO FIX THIS!!!?? ITS BEEN 19 MONTHS WITH ERRORS AND PROBLEMS. There are times that seems to be working better, than boom- everything doesn't work correctly. I am getting errors saying that "can not process your request", on just basic seller hub or business policies. My store has https, however, when I am revising or edit- it is definitely- http. Which I have changed and Ebay has changed and still comes back as http. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help Thank you, Kind Regards, Bonnie
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