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Developer Account Is Suspended

I need your help. Is there anyone out there that can help me talk to someone in the eBay Developer department? We built out eBay API website from scratch with the intention to work with ePN. Things were starting to get better when we noticed that google starting scanning our pages on a large scale, then google traffic doubled. Great right? eBay suspended our account. :( We don't know why we got suspended but we are guessing that we maybe went over the 1.5 million allowed calls per day. The Google Search Console says that they were scanning 46,000 pages per day on our website. Then it went up to 150,000 per day followed by 255,000 per day, then a few days later 505,000/day finally 624,500. This happened in just 10 days. After that we were suspended. I'm hoping that we can talk to someone who can appeal to so we can possibly reinstated. We have been developing our website (APP) for over 6 months and spent 10's of thousands of dollars building, optimizing and promoting it. We don't really have a backup plan. Not sure where to go from here. Yes, I have heard back from admin but all they will say is: "eBay has determined that you have violated the eBay Developers Program Terms of Use and API License Agreement. Consequently, your license to use eBay’s Developer Tools and Application Programming Interfaces has been revoked and your developer accounts terminated " After that they would not respond at all. So sad. Help Please. Any direction/help would be appreciated.
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