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GetSellingManagerSoldListings - Determine Order Cancelled Status?

I am a seller (a new eBay developer) pulling all invoices for the last 90 days so that I can evaluate the status of each and react accordingly based on shipped or paid status. I would like to avoid processing cancelled orders but am having difficulty determining if an order has been cancelled. I currently check for "Unpaid Item Claims" successfully, but orders showing "Cancelled By The Buyer" in our eBay portal are coming through as a good order in this call response. Searching through the forums I came across a reply that mentioned the need to use the GetUserDisputes call to check if the item ID exists in that response indicating it was a disputed or cancelled order. But this call successfully returns zero results with no errors and therefore is not helping. To be clear this is without filters, with and without time filters, and pagination is set to 200 per page. I have also evaluated the many values being returned in the GetSellingManagerSoldListings call to see if there was some kind of pattern or indication of a cancelled order but have not seen a dependable indicator. I am curious if I am missing some obvious way to determine that an order is cancelled in the GetSellingManagerSoldListings response? Or is there a better call in the .net SDK to determine a cancelled status? Any help would be appreciated.
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