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Regarding cancellation process

I am developer and integrating the ebay marketplace APIs for my application to manage the products and orders. I am getting inconsistent data from ebay API after cancel the order either from buyer side and sellerside. After cancellation the order, I am not getting the change in statuses (OrderStatus, CancelStatus) of GetOrder API response, Another side, in "post-order/v2/cancellation/search" API, I am getting the cancellation details with that order ID, Because of this I found the data inconsistency in my managed database. My process for managing the orders 1. I am syncing the orders from marketplace. 2. If there is any change in OrderStatus and CancelStatus of getOrder API, it update the order data into database. This process is handle by cron job. 3. Other side, a function checks the cancelled orders using "post-order/v2/cancellation/search" API, If any order ID found inside the array listing, It update the data fields (cancelID, cancelReason, cancelState, cancelStatus, requestorType). I am using the common field for "cancelStatus" for both API (GetOrder and "post-order/v2/cancellation/search"). During the development, I did not get any such inconsistency. 1. If the seller canceled the order, Status (OrderStatus) of the order was chanegd to cancelPending in GetOrder APIs and when customer accepts the cancellation then status(OrderStatus) was changed to cancelled. But now I am not getting such response in GetOrder API response. 2. If Buyer cancelled the order, then "cancelStatus" field of GetOrder API was changed to "CancelRequested". But for now I getting the value of "cancelStatus" field as "NotApplicable" and orderStatus as "Completed". Which is correct API to confirm the cancellation either from buyer or seller? I need help in getting the both (seller and buyer ) cancellation details before proceding the order for shipping. [click to get API responses from both APIs as i mentioned above ][1] [1]: /storage/temp/1952-getorder-api-resonse.txt
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