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Connection Refused Error

Hi, I am also getting the Connection Refused error; sometimes I get Connection reset by peer. Previously my code is working fine but now it started throwing connection refused error after several hits. Can someone please help me how to fix it? Following is my code- header = {'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:13.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/13.0.1'} opener = urllib2.build_opener() try: for row in keyword_search_list: '''For new data points''' keywrd1 = row[1] keywrd = str(row[1]).replace(" ","%20").replace("","").replace("","").replace("","") url1 = ""+str(appid1)+"&RESPONSE-DATA-FORMAT=json&REST-PAYLOAD&keywords="+str(keywrd)+"&itemFilter(0).name=soldItemsOnly&itemFilter(0).value=True&PaginationInput.entriesPerPage=100&paginationInput.pageNumber=1" url=url1 req = urllib2.Request(str(url),headers=header) resp = data = json.loads( total_entries = data['findCompletedItemsResponse'][0]['paginationOutput'][0]['totalEntries'][0] if int(total_entries) > 0: product_list = data['findCompletedItemsResponse'][0]['searchResult'][0]['item'] get_details(product_list) # Parsing Json data total_entries = data['findCompletedItemsResponse'][0]['paginationOutput'][0]['totalEntries'][0] total_pages = data['findCompletedItemsResponse'][0]['paginationOutput'][0]['totalPages'][0] if int(total_pages) > 1: for pg in range(int(total_pages)-1): next_url = ""+str(appid1)+"&RESPONSE-DATA-FORMAT=json&REST-PAYLOAD&keywords="+str(keywrd)+"&itemFilter(0).name=soldItemsOnly&itemFilter(0).value=True&PaginationInput.entriesPerPage=100&paginationInput.pageNumber="+str(pg+2) req1 = urllib2.Request(str(next_url),headers=header) resp1 = data1 = json.loads( product_list1 = data1['findCompletedItemsResponse'][0]['searchResult'][0]['item'] get_details(product_list1) else: print "No products found in "+keywrd except: traceback.print_exc()
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