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SendInvoice. Having problems setting the shipping service and cost. Does anyone have experience with this?




I am developing an invoice module for a seller in Australia. He only ships to Australia.


I use GetOrders to find the shipping service that the seller has specified on the listing. He uses one of several shipping services depending on the type of product including: AU_Regular, AU_Toll, AU_RegisteredParcelPost, and AU_Freight. 


I then calculate the shipping cost and upload the shipping service  and cost via SendInvoice (domestic shipping). It is working fine for the services AU_Regular, AU_Toll, AU_RegisteredParcelPost. The order is updated with the calculated shipping cost and an email invoice is sent to the buyer.


However, it doesn't work for shipping service AU_Freight. I did a call to GeteBayDetails which shows that AU_Regular, AU_Toll, AU_RegisteredParcelPost all have the ValidForSellingFlow flag set to 'true' but it is not set for AU_Freight. I concluded that AU_Freight is no longer a valid shipping service and I can't use this when calling SendInvoice. However, this seller appears to still be able use this shipping service in his listings and he can send an invoice using eBay.


Can someone throw some light on this? If I can't use AU_Freight what other shipping services can be used as a replacement service? 


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