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Hitting API Call Limits - What are next steps to fix?

Hope this is the right place to ask this question - I am a seller growing my business on ebay. I use Shopify and Cosdisto Linq to manage my listings and orders. I sell precious metal items, and use an additional plug in to shopify which allows my prices to change as often as precious metal prices change. This is all working properly - with the exception of a message getting thrown back from ebay to Codisto stating "Maximum Call Limit Exceeded. You have exceeded your maximum call limit of 250 for item per day. Try back after 1 day." This happens on most items every day that change with prevailing precious metal prices. Now the kicker is - it seems that the pricing never actually gets out of date - meaning that there is potential that this error is benign. But everything I read is that it is a real thing to hit API call limits, so I wanted to see what I could do to fix this issue before it ever becomes a problem for me. I have confirmed with Codisto that this request for increase in API limits needs to be handled with Ebay. I understand you can open a ticket for certifying an app for additional API call limits, but I am not creating the software, just using others ready built solutions. I also understand that I really do not NEED the prices to update 1-2 times a minute - but I also know of no other way to throttle the updates to the API. Hope this makes sense - thanks in advance for any and all replies. Sincerely - Charlie
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