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I really hope you can help out! I have created an MVC web app to connect in with eBay to manage selling and order processing etc. I would like to add the functionality to assign automation rules once item is listed, e.g. for it to be relisted immediately if it has not sold. I can't quite figure out exactly how to do this. I am using the NET SDK in my application. (My account has selling manager activated) Here is the code i have written, but it doesnt do anything. This is being called after I have used the AddItemCall and successfully listed the item. SetSellingManagerItemAutomationRuleCall AssignCall = new SetSellingManagerItemAutomationRuleCall(); SellingManagerAutoRelistType req = new SellingManagerAutoRelistType(); req.Type = SellingManagerAutoRelistTypeCodeType.RelistContinuouslyUntilSold; req.RelistCondition = SellingManagerAutoRelistOptionCodeType.RelistImmediately; SetSellingManagerItemAutomationRuleRequestType request = new SetSellingManagerItemAutomationRuleRequestType(); request.AutomatedRelistingRule = new SellingManagerAutoRelistType(); request.AutomatedRelistingRule.Type = SellingManagerAutoRelistTypeCodeType.RelistContinuouslyUntilSold; request.AutomatedRelistingRule.RelistCondition = SellingManagerAutoRelistOptionCodeType.RelistImmediately; request.ItemID = item.ItemID; AssignCall.ApiRequest = request;
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