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Is There Any Way To Set Authorization Accepted URL Dynamically?

Hi, I’m working on a private e-commerce and I want to allow it to sell on ebay too, but I’ve encountered some problems. First of all, what I want is to develop an ebay application that can be shared with multiple users: the private e-commerce will be customized for each different user. For example, two separate users, Mark and James, will respectively have "Mark-commerce" and "James-commerce" and they will use the same ebay application in order to allow their websites to sell on ebay too. And here comes the problem… I cannot set the “authorization accepted url” dynamically: when the ebay user (Mark or James) agrees to give their authorization they will be redirect to an URL with a php script that retrieves the user token. But I can only put one link in “authorization accepted url”: if I were to put "Mark-commerce", both him and James would be redirected on the same website (Mark's). What I’ve tought is to make an intermediary site in which every user must log again with the credentials of their private e-commerce. In this way this site will recognize who the token is and will redirect the user to the right website. But I don’t like this solution at all. ![alt text][1] [1]: /storage/temp/1678-picture.png Is there any way to set the “authorization accepted url” dynamically? Or is there any way to recognize who the token is (this will semplify my work a lot)? If I don’t want to use the intermediary site mechanism, do I have to create a different RuName for every different user of my private e-commerce program? There is a way to set O’Auth for more than a single RuName? Thanks in advance for your help.
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