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We have some doubts regarding variations for category in ebay

From the documentation what we have understood is given below. Please confirm if this is the right way to proceed. Using the api GetCategoryFeatures by passing the feature id "VariationsEnabled" and a category id, we got the data like shown in Image. ie VariationEnabled as true or false. Using the api GetCategorySpecifics, we got the below data. shown in image, and based on that data "VariationsEnabled : disabled" means no variation exits for that item and if this tag is not there then variation is "enabled". " Text 1 1 FreeText Disabled " we are getting more details from the GetCategorySpecifics api, So is it like that we need to call the api GetCategoryFeatures to find if VariationEnabled for a selected category and if its returning true we need to call the GetCategorySpecifics api to get more details related to that category. so every time on selecting a particular leaf category we need to call these 2 api's to get the details. Also we found other detail like "SelectionMode : FreeText" and "SelectionMode : SelectionOnly", Does this mean the control type we need to display for each item. FreeText = TextBox and SelectionOnly = DropDown. Please confirm.
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Hi, Yes, You are right. The GetCategoryFeatures API tells what are the features enabled for a given category. The GetCategorySpecifics API tells you more of the mandatory that you need to specify while listing an Item. The GetCategorySpecifics has nothing to do with Variations at all. The above calls apply both for single SKU or multi SKU ( variation) items. VariationSpecifics is not . VariationSpecifics is more to define the Variation attributes . Please see documentation on listing with Variations: Yes, when there is "FreeText" for any ItemSpecific , for eg: Brand, you control what value goes in there. Please let us know if you have further questions. Cheers!!!
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fingenkoch_0 avatar image fingenkoch_0 commented · Thank you for your support... I have some more doubt regarding sending picture details of item and the variation. Inside variations tag there is option to send Picture url, and also found one tag PictureDetails in item. Is it like that we can pass only picture url only, not the bytearray or picture content. If its possible, then where to set the details images uploading form our local system.
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Also we need to know whether there is any subscription fee for hosting pictures in ebay. Is that free?. Also can't we upload images for a combinations, suppose we added Variations for Color and Size. And let the values be Green and Red for color. and Xl and L for size. So combinations are Green-Xl and Green-L and Red-Xl and Red-L.So can we add images for each of these combinations (image of Green-Xl, Green-L and Red-Xl and REd-L) or only for like Image for Color Green and Image for Color Red and image for Xl and image for L.
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