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Operation Timeout of Ebay Motors Post from .NET SDK

I'm receiving an operation timeout every time I try and make a post from the .NET SDK to eBay motors. I was able to get it working no problem with the sample code. Here's my item:

static ItemType BuildVehicleTwo() 
    ItemType item = new ItemType();

    // Correct category ID for your vehicle
    CategoryType category = new CategoryType();
    category.CategoryID = "6003";
    item.PrimaryCategory = category; 

    // Listing format
    item.ListingType = ListingTypeCodeType.FixedPriceItem;

    // Seller provided title is required for motors listings 
    item.SellerProvidedTitle = "2001 Audi A4 TEST DO NOT BID";


    // Payment methods
    item.PaymentMethods = new BuyerPaymentMethodCodeTypeCollection();
    item.PaymentMethods.AddRange(new BuyerPaymentMethodCodeType[] { BuyerPaymentMethodCodeType.PaymentSeeDescription, BuyerPaymentMethodCodeType.CashInPerson });

    // Common details about the vehicle that buyer typicallly use to distinguish models 
    item.ItemSpecifics = buildVehicleSpecifics();

    // Information avout how you will ship or deliver the vehicle 
    item.BuyerResponsibleForShipping = true;

    // Now getting errors for Item.Currency + Item.Country + Item.ListingDuration + Item.ListingType
    item.Currency = CurrencyCodeType.USD;

    item.Country = CountryCodeType.US;

    item.ListingDuration = "Days_3";

    // Now getting an error for listing location 
    item.Location = "San Jose"; 
Here's the code that uses this item:

// Get Context 
ApiContext motorContext = GetApiContextMotors();

// Build Vehicle Item
ItemType vehicle = BuildVehicleTwo();

// Make call to API with Motor Context 
AddItemCall vehicleCall = new AddItemCall(motorContext);
Debug.WriteLine("Begin Vehicle Post");
FeeTypeCollection vfees = vehicleCall.AddItem(vehicle);
Here are my vehicle specifics as well:

static NameValueListTypeCollection buildVehicleSpecifics()
    // Specifics for vehicle are: Year, Mileage, Vehicle Title 

    NameValueListTypeCollection nvCollection = new NameValueListTypeCollection();

    // Year 
    NameValueListType nv1 = new NameValueListType();
    nv1.Name = "Year";
    StringCollection nv1Col = new StringCollection();
    String[] strArr1 = new string[] { "2001" };
    nv1.Value = nv1Col;

    // Mileage 
    NameValueListType nv2 = new NameValueListType();
    nv2.Name = "Mileage";
    StringCollection nv2Col = new StringCollection();
    String[] strArr2 = new string[] { "121003" };
    nv2.Value = nv2Col;

    // Vehicle Title 
    NameValueListType nv3 = new NameValueListType();
    nv3.Name = "Vehicle Title";
    StringCollection nv3Col = new StringCollection();
    String[] strArr3 = new string[] { "Clear" };
    nv3.Value = nv3Col; 


    return nvCollection;
What am I missing? What would be causing the timeout? Also, holy crap is the markdown is challenging on this forum... I've attached this post as a .txt file so you can download and take a look at the code in a better format. [link text][1] Thank you, Tim [1]: /storage/temp/ 1276-forumquestionastext.txt apivisual studiosamples
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Hi @timbor64, Thanks for your question. I tried your sample code and I get the following errors. However, do not get a timeout. "Item was submitted with 7 days for DaysToFullPayment You provided invalid VIN. You must enter a valid VIN for all vehicles with a model year of 1981 or later. Please enter a valid price for your item (e.g. US $0.99). Condition is required for this category. A description is required. Category 6003 only accepts custom item specifics." Can you please send check if you are receiving the same. You can enable logs by using APILogManager and APILogging classes. Best Regards, eBay Developer Support.
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