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C# item.Storefront

I am working with an item object called 'item'. I would like to use the store name, store url and store category ID as found in the "manage categories" area of in this case My environment is C# .NET. At first I thought I could do something like this:



                        item.Storefront = new StorefrontType();

                        item.Storefront.StoreName = "mysandboxstorename";

                        item.Storefront.StoreURL = "";

                        item.Storefront.StoreCategoryID = 999999;


I am finding that the item is added to my eBay sandbox however I do not see it in my sandbox store at all. It does not show up under any store categories. Also if I revise the item manually and set it to be listed under one of my valid store categories and I navigate back to my sandboxed store I still do not see my item. I am wondering what is going on. Is this code not going to function for some reason? Is this perhaps a sandboxing issue?


Thanks in advance...

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Hi esepich,


Do you have a store setup in sandbox? Do you have custom store categories set up in that? I believe that '999999' is not  a valid  store category ID?

If you could share more information on this we'll take a look.


Best Regards,
Devanathan Sampath
eBay Developer Support


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Those are just fillers. I had plucked out the category number which is actually 461819 which I copy pasted out of the store manager. Sometimes I have to use some psuedo code.

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Since my original post I have made sure to set the code to the following:



                        item.Storefront = new StorefrontType();
                        item.CategoryMappingAllowed = true;
                        item.Storefront.StoreCategoryID = 461819;
When I edit my item under My eBay -> Selling I do see that the store category is set to "poolab" as I have written the code. When I visit my store url:
I do see the item(s) there as well. I do not see an image though. My item was loaded with 12 images but for some reason when I visit the store URL I see only an "image not available". How can I set one of my images to display at the store URL?
As well when I go to "Manage my store" at the store manager says that there are no products loaded however I do see two items as I visit
so there must be something going on with the sandbox store manager.


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I also have a question about this code here:



                        xpath1 = sam.UploadPictures((path + "\\" + fileName), zURI, zToken, zDevID, zAppId, zCertID);
                        //To specify a Gallery Image 
                        item.PictureDetails = new PictureDetailsType();
                        //The first picture is used for Gallery URL 
                        item.PictureDetails.GalleryType = GalleryTypeCodeType.Gallery; 
I see is meant to specify the first image as a "Gallary Image" but I am not understanding what exactly that means? What would be the difference between a regular image and a gallary image?

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This is my SOAP:



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">


    <RequesterCredentials xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">





    <AddFixedPriceItemRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">







        <Description> Men's GX ACE II Black Diamonds Watch Black Metal 2.9ct;Beautiful full black watch with 48mm bazel;Metal: Stainless steel with Black PVD Finish;Chronograph, Quartz Japan Movement;Illusion and CZ Dial.;Water Resistant 30m;Comes in Original box with 2 extra bands.;Retail Price $1,995.00;Ships within 24 hours of cleared payment, signature required on delivery.;COMES IN BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX;YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY, PLEASE SEE OUR NO HASSLE RETURN POLICY BELOW.;</Description>












          <PaymentInstructions>USPS Priority Mail shipping.</PaymentInstructions>


            <ShippingInsuranceCost currencyID="USD">0</ShippingInsuranceCost>


            <ShippingServiceCost currencyID="USD">20.15</ShippingServiceCost>

            <ShippingServiceAdditionalCost currencyID="USD">0</ShippingServiceAdditionalCost>





        <StartPrice currencyID="USD">599.1</StartPrice>





        <Title>Black Diamond Watch Mens ACE II GX 2.9ct 48mm Black PVD Stainless New Style</Title>




















            <Value>Luxury Watch</Value>




            <Value>Joe Rodeo</Value>







            <Name>Stone Type</Name>








            <Name>Stone Shape</Name>




            <Name>Stone Color</Name>




            <Name>Metal Type</Name>

            <Value>Stanless Steel</Value>



            <Name>Retail Price</Name>







          <Description>Returns accepted within 14 days of purchase. Goods must be in same condition as sold. Returns will not be accepted for items that have been Sized or Altered in any form of way. Please contact us to get a return authorization number before shipping. Following restocking fees will be assessed to cover shipping and administrative expense: Items upto $100 restocking fee $15 items from $100 to $300 restocking fee $20 items from $300 to $500 restocking fee $35 items from $500 to $1000 restocking fee $50 items from $1000 and up restocking fee $75</Description>








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