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Frustation with the ebay sandbox environment

Hi guys, I just want to dump my frustrations here with the ebay sandbox environment. The documentation is obsolete and broken urls are everywhere. Just a few quick examples here: The link to the Sell menu on the top of the sandbox page ( has been broken forever: The document on how to build a test online store ( has a wrong url. The store url text shown on the page is, but the underlying hypertext is, so if you just blindly click the link, you will be redirected the wrong place. I finally figure it out myself with a few trial and errors, and then landed on the page to pick up a store plan at Unfortunately, after selecting the Premium Store plan and then submit it, I was then redirected to the home page instead of the expected confirmation page. The sandbox APIs frequently throw internal errors or just stop working. Yes, theoretically it's a sandbox for ebay, but it's a production environment for outside developers like me because we rely on it for our day-to-day job. etc. etc. I can see why big companies like ebay are decaying and could be eventually replaced by new ones because the same old broken things stay forever. The funny thing is that there is not even a good place to complain either. The last time when I tried to post something here, the submit button led to a blank error page. And my email to customer service has never been answered. Developers like me get cold shoulders, and nobody cares. Eventually, the market will find better replacements.
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