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Platform notifications don't come to my e-mail acount

Platform notifications don't come to my e-mail acount I work in C#. developer acount name: michaell6565 I created notification preferences with NotificationEventTypeCodeType.EndOfAuction. I created two test users: - testuser_michaell6565a - testuser_michaell65c 1. User testuser_michaell6565a created auction. 2. User testuser_michaell65c bought product on this auction without bidding. 3. Auction finished 4. I should got notification about end of the auction on my e-mail address, but I didn't get this. Why? Code for SetNotificationPreferencesCall: var oContext = new ApiContext(); oContext.SoapApiServerUrl = ""; oContext.Version = "989"; var apiCredicials = new ApiCredential(); apiCredicials.eBayToken = "***"; oContext.ApiCredential = apiCredicials; oContext.Site = SiteCodeType.UK; var SetNotificationPreferences = new SetNotificationPreferencesCall(oContext); SetNotificationPreferences.Version = oContext.Version; SetNotificationPreferences.Site = oContext.Site; SetNotificationPreferences.EnableCompression = true; var AppDeliveryPreferences = new ApplicationDeliveryPreferencesType(); AppDeliveryPreferences.ApplicationEnable = EnableCodeType.Enable; AppDeliveryPreferences.ApplicationEnableSpecified = true; AppDeliveryPreferences.ApplicationURL = "mailto: //m.***"; AppDeliveryPreferences.AlertEmail = "mailto: //m.***"; AppDeliveryPreferences.AlertEnable = EnableCodeType.Enable; AppDeliveryPreferences.AlertEnableSpecified = true; SetNotificationPreferences.ApplicationDeliveryPreferences = AppDeliveryPreferences; var Notification1 = new NotificationEnableType(); Notification1.EventEnable = EnableCodeType.Enable; Notification1.EventEnableSpecified = true; Notification1.EventType = NotificationEventTypeCodeType.AskSellerQuestion; Notification1.EventTypeSpecified = true; var Notification2 = new NotificationEnableType(); Notification2.EventEnable = EnableCodeType.Enable; Notification2.EventEnableSpecified = true; Notification2.EventType = NotificationEventTypeCodeType.AddToWatchList; Notification2.EventTypeSpecified = true; var Notification3 = new NotificationEnableType(); Notification3.EventEnable = EnableCodeType.Enable; Notification3.EventEnableSpecified = true; Notification3.EventType = NotificationEventTypeCodeType.EndOfAuction; Notification3.EventTypeSpecified = true; var UserDeliveryPreferences = new NotificationEnableTypeCollection(new NotificationEnableType[] { Notification1, Notification2, Notification3 }); SetNotificationPreferences.UserDeliveryPreferenceList = UserDeliveryPreferences; SetNotificationPreferences.Execute(); here is my soap response by GetNotificationPreferencesCall() 2016-10-06T11:14:02.647Z Success c0dd29b7-d5f8-49a6-bd62-5602643a98a3 989 E989_INTL_API_18131002_R1 EndOfAuction Enable FixedPriceTransaction Enable AskSellerQuestion Enable ItemAddedToWatchList Enable BidReceived Enable 2016-10-06T11:14:01.958Z Success fe814a84-aefb-4108-a743-9312f941c9de 989 E989_INTL_API_18131002_R1 mailto: // Enable mailto: // Enable eBLSchemaSOAP Platform JSON 989
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