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ERROR: 21919158 - Invalid PayPal email address

I have been using the same vb6 program for over 10 years. This is the 1st time I've ever received this message --> ERROR: 21919158 - Invalid PayPal email address I successfully manually added a listing so I know the accounts are linked. I am clueless to what is happening. below is my xml request (I've omitted the token at the beginning) It is weird that at the bottom of the xml doc there is a reference to "" this is an old old email that is no longer valid. I do not know why it is included High 0 true US USD

1902PB $5 Rutland VT #820 Rutland County NB Rutland VT #820

A decent Upper Mid-Grade for this note. There issoiling on the back left portion. There are ONLY 11 Large Known according to Track&Price. This Rutland county bank was chartered in 1865. Serial Number 9372 PP-G

I am stopping placing a grade on the raw notes that I offer for sale. Having been on Ebay for over 15 years the few feedbacks I have received with "Item not as described" affects my Seller Rating with Ebay which then put limits on what I can sell. I have a 100% feedback but still Ebay rates me as doing something wrong. I am honest and straightforward in my dealing. I have had just 3 notes returned over the past 5 years. I will continue to attempt to describe any defects that I see with a note.

Shipping is $6.00

There is a 14 Day return privilege for any reason. Refunds do not include any shipping fees.

If you have any questions at all please email or reach me anytime at 239-384-9674

Thank you for looking


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Add Me to Your My eBay Favorite Sellers List 5 Days_7 Chinese Morganville, NJ PayPal None 3419 1 ReturnsAccepted MoneyBack Days_14 Text description of return policy details Buyer Flat USPSFirstClass 6 US 325 1902PB $5 Rutland VT #820
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