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uploadsitehostedpictures supersize link?

If I upload pictures to EPS using UploadSiteHostedPictures it returns several URL's, but none of those are the supersize or larger size of the image if I upload it via the Supersize option. Obviously the larger image is stored on EPS to be able to zoom on the image in the listing. Is there a consistency to what the link is for that supersized image? In testing, I looped through 0 through 99 and added those numbers onto the base URL and downloaded all of them, initially I found the largest images to be on the link to \*_10.jpg, but further testing revealed that sometimes that image doesn't exist. Next best guess is \*_32.jpg. Is there a method to the madness for the picture names? Reason I'm asking is we did manual listings for a long time. Now I'm tasked with trying to reconcile our automated listings with our manual ones. Some/a lot of these we don't have the original pictures for, so I'd like to use getitem calls and then download the largest possible image to save the pictures in my system/compare with what we have offline. So hoping I can consistently pull the largest picture available from EPS. Another thing with EPS is it doesn't return a 'not found' html response if the image doesn't exist. It returns an image of a few polaroids that I then have to compare to, to see if the image even exists. Fun fun. Any info appreciated. Thanks
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