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We need to build very large eBay product feeds for our shopping site

Hello, This is how we currently generate product feeds for our shopping sites (as members of EPN). We would need to generate much larger feeds. We noticed eBay provides product feeds to American affiliates but this has not been implemented in France yet. Please let us know your ideas and solutions. We want to generate fixed price product feeds. We use the API$catid&PageNumber=1&ItemType=FixedPricedItem&EndTimeFrom=".$date."T00:00:01.000Z&EndTimeTo=".$date."T24:59:59.000Z&PreferredLocation=LocatedInCountryImplied&FeedbackScoreMin=97&ItemSort=EndTime&Condition=New More specifically Shopping api version 629. In the new version: Version 1.13.0 We still have a 100 max limit. "Specifies the maximum number of entries to return in a single call. If the number of entries found on the specified pageNumber is less than the value specified here, the number of items returned will be less than the value of entriesPerPage. This indicates the end of the result set." If entriesPerPage is set to a number greater than 100, the default value, 100, will be used. Min: 1. Max: 100. Default: 100. extra restriction in this is Note: No more than 10,000 items can be retrieved for a given search, regardless of how many matches are found. This limit is enforced by the maximum page number allowed (100) and the maximum entries per page allowed (100). Thanks Ben
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