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How to listing an item with shipping service and Click and Collect ?

Hello Developers, I am a .Net developer trying to list a product on eBay that is Click & Collect. My code snippet is : Dim ServiceOption As New ShippingServiceOptionsType() ebayItem.ShippingDetails = New ShippingDetailsType() ebayItem.ShippingDetails.ShippingServiceOptions = New ShippingServiceOptionsTypeCollection() ServiceOption.ShippingService = "PickUpDropOff" ebayItem.AutoPay = True ebayItem.PickupInStoreDetails = New PickupInStoreDetailsType() ebayItem.PickupInStoreDetails.EligibleForPickupDropOff = True ebayItem.ShippingDetails.ShippingServiceOptions.Add(ServiceOption) I am getting error message- " Postage service Click & Collect(370) is not available.One or more parameter values in the input request are invalid. Check the response for ErrorParameters elements to determine which parameters have invalid values. Correct these values, and then resend the input request." Does anyone know what is missing in my code. Any suggestions , advice are highly appreciated. Thanks MS
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I just tried to answer this question but it needs to be reviewed by a moderator before being visible to all users. This happened before when I replied on the 1st July and that answer is still not visible. Since I don't know if they will ever be made visible you can find an answer on [stack overflow](
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