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Listing an item whose shipping method is Click and Collect

Hello Experts, I am a VB.NET developer. I am working on listing an item whose shipping method I want to set it as "Click and Collect". My code looks like this: Dim ServiceOption As New ShippingServiceOptionsType() ebayItem.ShippingDetails = New ShippingDetailsType() ebayItem.ShippingDetails.ShippingServiceOptions = New ShippingServiceOptionsTypeCollection() Select Case _ebayUser.APIContext.Site Case SiteCodeType.UK ServiceOption.ShippingService = "PickUpDropOff" Case SiteCodeType.US ServiceOption.ShippingService = "Delivery" Case Else End Select ebayItem.PickupInStoreDetails = New PickupInStoreDetailsType() ebayItem.PickupInStoreDetails.EligibleForPickupDropOff = True ebayItem.PickupInStoreDetails.EligibleForPickupDropOffSpecified = True ebayItem.PickupInStoreDetails.EligibleForPickupInStore = True ebayItem.PickupInStoreDetails.EligibleForPickupInStoreSpecified = True ebayItem.ShippingDetails.ShippingServiceOptions.Add(ServiceOption) But then I am getting error message- " Postage service Click & Collect(370) is not available.One or more parameter values in the input request are invalid. Check the response for ErrorParameters elements to determine which parameters have invalid values. Correct these values, and then resend the input request." Any ideas ?? Any help would be appreciated. Million thanks in advance Regards
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