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Intermittent Trading API Failure In Production

Hello. I list items using a custom Java tool on top of the Trading API. Recently, my listing tool has been intermittently failing in production when verifying an item for submission via verifyAddItem(). I have seen similar errors in the Web interface which might be due to the same problem. I set the business policies using the following code: SellerPaymentProfileType sellerPaymentProfile=new SellerPaymentProfileType(); sellerPaymentProfile.setPaymentProfileID(Long.valueOf(properties.getProperty("ebayPaymentPolicyId"))); sellerProfiles.setSellerPaymentProfile(sellerPaymentProfile); SellerShippingProfileType sellerShippingProfile=new SellerShippingProfileType(); sellerShippingProfile.setShippingProfileID(Long.valueOf(properties.getProperty("ebayShippingPolicyId"))); sellerProfiles.setSellerShippingProfile(sellerShippingProfile); SellerReturnProfileType sellerReturnProfile=new SellerReturnProfileType(); sellerReturnProfile.setReturnProfileID(Long.valueOf(properties.getProperty("ebayReturnPolicyId"))); sellerProfiles.setSellerReturnProfile(sellerReturnProfile); item.setSellerProfiles(sellerProfiles); The shipping, return, and payment profiles are set to the same valid values every time. Generally the other item characteristics are very similar. 3 out of 4 times, the following verifyAddItem() succeeds, otherwise it fails with the following exception message and stack trace: Exception in thread "main" com.ebay.sdk.ApiException: PayPal added as a payment method because you have set your preference to offer PayPal on all listings. A return policy must be specified. At least one valid shipping service must be specified. at com.ebay.sdk.ApiCall.getApiException(Unknown Source) at com.ebay.sdk.ApiCall.executeByApiName(Unknown Source) at com.ebay.sdk.ApiCall.execute(Unknown Source) at ava:312) at Editor.main( I have noticed similar problems in the Web interface's "bulk relist" and "revise item" pages that may be caused by the same problem. Probably a server running stale code or which has failed to retrieve my business policies for whatever reason. Please diagnose and fix, this is stopping me from selling on Ebay. Thanks, Steve
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