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Problems with larger font on ebay mobile app


 I have this issue inside of the eBay app while viewing it on an iphone. For all my listings there is a section at the bottom where the font grows larger in size. Here is a link to one of my listings

If you open the listing inside of ebay app and scroll down the page, you will see "Product Specifications". Inside of that you will see the issue, the font is bigger on the right than it is on the left.If i make the right section to have a smaller width of around 279px then the font comes out ok and shrinks to its correct 12px size, but obviously the box become smaller and does not look good. As soon as i make that right section to be wider so it fills up the whole div then the font grows in size again. This only happens on the ebay mobile app. I have been looking at it for too long so i need some fresh eyes on it. If anyone has any idea why it is so crazy i would much appreciate your help

Thanks everyone


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I just started using the eBay mobile app on my Verizon Samsung Fascinate (SCH-i500) smart phone running android 2.1 and noticed a pretty blatant glitch.  For all my eBay listings, until the buyer has actually calculated their shipping cost based on their location and paid for the item, the Shipping Costs are listed as "FREE" when viewing the listing on the eBay mobile app.


Mind you, I never offer free shipping on my eBay listings, and after checking my eBay account via my PC and calling the general eBay customer support line, I've confirmed that the shipping costs for all my listings are set to be determined by the buyer based on their location.... aka Not "FREE".  


Clearly it's not an issue within the customary eBay website, or the eBay databases/networks that supports the main website.  This problem with the eBay mobile app has been well documented on the main eBay support forum and is a problem dating back as far as early 2012.  Many others have posted the exact same issue with the mobile app, yet the problem persists to this day.  In fact, many sellers have had to eat the shipping costs unnecessarily because their customers were mis-infomed when using the app themselves, claiming that they shouldn't have to pay the shipping costs because it says "FREE" when viewing the listing on their smartphones.


 Please do something to fix this problem.  I have already notified all my customers of this issue, but they very well could say that I should pay the shipping because the mobile app is displaying "FREE" as the shipping cost and could be considered legally binding.  I have attached a screen capture from my phone to highlight the issue.  


As mentioned earlier, this glitch has been reported and discussed at length multiple times by many prominent eBay sellers on several forums, including the official eBay support forum, since back in April 2012.  Something has to be done ASAP-  if someone is not already looking into this now 1yr+ old glitch with the mobile app.

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Hi 1stoptutorials,


I tried viewing the item with eBay App version 2.5 on an iphone 4 and it worked.  If you continue to have the issue, it would be best for you to reach out to the eBay mobile team via the app support channel with details about your phone and app version.

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