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AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplate does not apply the Condition ID from the template randomly,AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplate call fails to apply the template condition to the new listing

I am using Selling Manager Pro on our companies store which requires a different manner of listing items. Specifically, you must first add the product to inventory, then create a listing template, and subsequently list the item from the template. Stripped completely down, this results in three API calls: AddSellingManagerProductCall AddSellingManagerTemplateCall AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateCall On maybe 1 in 50 listings, the resultant listing will not have an item condition applied to the listing. When I check the template associated with the listing, the template has the correct Condition ID, and when I check the listing, despite the fact that the Condition is listed as '--' when you look at the item specifics, the condition description is populated which indicates to me that the listing is getting the required information, but there may be a bug on the eBay side of the SDK call. There are two places which I am making sure that the item's condition ID is populated, both in the template call, and in the subsequent AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateCall. If the condition id is not 1000, or 2500 (New or Seller Refurbished) I force it to one of these values dependent on the company which is listing the item. There is so much code associated with this routine that I chose to submit the bare essentials and supply code as requested. The entire routine is somewhere around 600 lines long just for the submission process (error handling is a lot of it). If anyone has experience with these SDK calls, or if they are successfully using them and could tell me where they insert the condition ID's so that I might compare with my current revision of code it would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you have run into this problem, and have a fix, (or don't!) I would appreciate hearing your experience. Thanks!,I have written a listing program for my company which partially automates the process of uploading new product listings. We use Selling Manager Pro so the process to upload a new product is the following three function calls (and about 500 lines of code building each object for the call) AddSellingManagerProductCall AddSellingManagerTemplateCall AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateCall My issue is that about 1-2 listings out of 50 will not have a condition on the item. When we attempt to update the product inventory quantity, the update fails because eBay has locked our ability to revise the listing because it does not have a condition associated with it. AddSellingManagerTemplateCall AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateCall The Template and AddItem call are the only two calls which contain references to a Condition ID. The condition ID is triple checked to verify it is valid, and is set before making these calls.. example: AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateRequestType tempRequest = new AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateRequestType(); if (product.ConditionID != 1000 && product.ConditionID != 2500) { if (site == "KON") { product.ConditionID = 1000; } else { product.ConditionID = 2500; } } tempRequest.Item = product; tempRequest.SaleTemplateID = templateID; ApiCall call = new ApiCall(apiContext); AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateResponseType tempResponse = (AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplateResponseType)call.ExecuteRequest(tempRequest); listingID = tempResponse.ItemID; success = true; None of the function calls throw an error when listing. When I check a product whose condition ID is missing, I find that the template has a condition set properly, and many times, the actual listing may have a -- for Item condition, but in the Item Details section, it properly describes the condition which I was trying to apply. I believe this is most likely an eBay bug, but I wanted to post in forums and see if I could find anyone with related experiences, or possible solutions. If there are any details you would like me to add please just let me know. The code for the entire object building and submission is around 600 lines long and I would need to remove some company specific information so I skipped the entire code listing for now. Thanks! One last thing.. this is in .NET SDK v 939, windows based application. Running on various OS's typically Win 8 or Win 10. No errors are thrown during submission process, only when we go back and try to programatically revise the listing with new inventory quantities do we find that the condition has been left out.
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